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Court Reporting at Home - CRAH  
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Review By: stenoisgreatfun
Date: 10/09/2007
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Review: CRAH is a great choice for the student who needs/wants a more flexible schedule. Unlike going to a B&M school, or even an on-line course of study, you make your own schedule that is convenient for you. You can even study in your pajamas if you want to:) You can take a day off, take a vacation, etc. whenever YOU want to. Since you can simply take your writer and materials with you wherever you go, you can even practice while away from home. While having that flexibility, CRAH has a great support staff of highly trained professional court reporters. FREE LIFETIME INTERNET ONLINE SUPPORT from a certified NCRA court reporting school evaluator and Registered Merit Court Reporter and educator with 25 years' experience to answer your questions. Online support is the next best thing to having a credentialed court reporter in your home. They are only an email or phone call away. I have to say that the person who chooses CRAH should be disciplined and self-motivated. They even offer assistance with internships and job placement. CRAH is a great way to learn!

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