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Stylus - Procat  
ProCAT has been a leading force in developing professional-grade electronic stenowriters for nearly two decades. Our family of electronic writers include the Stenopaq, Stenopaq II, ProWriter, ProWriter Plus, and the Flash. These products have proven to be reliable, lightweight, have a long battery life, and they are economically priced.
Review By: loel32
Date: 10/18/2007
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Review: I have a Stylus and I love it. Love the paper/paperless option. Really love the Bluetooth. It's just great. Haven't had any problems.

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ktgott This machine is awesome. I highly recommend it.... 06/25/2008 587 View
normah I have one and like it. I am, however, unhappy that I was promised that the new shell would be shipped to me months ago... 10/10/2007 656 View
Naola Vaughn This machine is exactly like the Stenturas as far as touch. I love the display screen and the ease of use. But because... 10/09/2007 4990 View
Ivylisse I have owned a Procat Stylus for two years, and have had nothing but problems. I use Case Catalyst software as my editi... 05/19/2010 678 View
maj Purchased a Stylus a couple of years ago and was quite dissatisfied with the writer and with ProCAT. I did, however, ha... 10/09/2007 1054 View
funkycsr I purchased my Stylus machine approximately three years ago in a package with updated Procat Winner Software and a Toshi... 01/09/2012 492 View
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